Good Afternoon Coaches and Team Managers,

With the latest “pause” from the State Health Department, MAHA has outlined a safe way to get some personal exercise. The latest order allows Ice Arenas to open for personal exercise, personal training and one on one instruction. There will be no spectators, masks worn at ALL times and no locker rooms available. A maximum of 10 people (including the adult) on ice at one time. Skaters will not be allowed inside the rink any earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time.
MAHA specifically states that these instruction/exercise periods are NOT sanctioned events. They are not competitive (no scrimmages, close contact), and cannot be affiliated with the Wolves Association. These ice times are for individual exercise and not for team drills. You coaches can be creative and separate the kids on the ice and give them “individual” training. Please mitigate standing in lines.
These ice times can be reserved by anyone. Any parent, may call the ice arena and reserve a time. Please be patient with the Ice Arena staff. They will be scheduling ice times that are best for their employees schedules. They may ask you to consider a different time slot in order to minimize their employees from having to many “dead” hours in between time slots. The cost for each hour of ice is $50. This is a special price for the Wolves and Varsity program. Mike and Tim at the rink deserve a huge thank you for the massive discount on ice cost. They just simply want to see the kids get a chance to skate. All money must be collected by the adult in the rink with the group of skaters and turned into the rink staff in one lump sum. No IOU’s.
Lastly, I owe you all an apology. The communication of this information was handled poorly. It was not communicated well once it was decided. I will not try and excuse myself for the lack of communication but I do ask for continued patience. I will tell you that this personal exercise opportunity was discussed every day this week between myself and Tim Landino with multiple conversations happening each day. Each day, the outlook was different as we discussed how to safely and successfully operate some sort of “personal exercise”. We didn’t know what that looked like, how we would make it happen at our rink and who would pay for everything. As we were discussing this, Mike Moore was in Covid Task Force meetings all week trying to discuss these same scenarios with the top brass at West Shore Community College. Without Mike and Tim, I truly believe we would not even be offering any sort of skating opportunity right now. They each really advocated for these kids and the need to give them some sort of normalcy.
It boils down to this: This personal exercise opportunity is strictly a West Shore Ice Arena function.
I believe the next step is for you to communicate to your parents this opportunity. Talk with them and look to schedule some ice times. Figure out a way to get kids on the ice and just allow them to skate. Even a sticks and pucks session would be huge! It doesn’t have to resemble a practice and be all about drills and development. Our kids want to just skate.
Please, if you are the parent going on the ice, FOLLOW THE RULES. If a group of kids is suspected of “competing” or grouping up too closely, the Ice Arena staff will warn the person in charge. Too many warnings and disobedience and the rink could choose to shut this down completely and offer nothing for skating. This is a step in the right direction of hopefully opening up again soon, however, this can all go away (again) if we possibly expose or spread the Corona Virus. Please promote safe and healthy practices while at the rink.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
West Shore Wolves Board

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