Just a quick update as we continue to navigate the shutdown. If you selected the payment plan option, your final payment WAS scheduled for December 1st, 2020. After some discussion, the Board has decided to push that last installment to January 15th, 2021. With the uncertainty of our season and the upcoming holidays, we felt it was best to push the installment past the New Year. Hopefully this gives our Wolves families a little more breathing room for the holiday season and eases some tension caused by this pandemic. We do need to mention our deepest appreciation for the West Shore Ice Arena for their understanding during this difficult time. Mike and Tim made this move possible by delaying the Association’s ice bill for the 2020-2021 season, allowing us more time to collect from our members.

As we sit right now, the Wolves are planning on practices resuming Wednesday, December 9th 2020. That is the day after the tentative expiration date of the current order from the Health Department. Please keep in mind that we fall under the direct guidance of WSCC and MAHA and will not be able to make any advances until given permission by either of these governing bodies. We will pass along updates as soon as we receive them.

Lastly, I would like to briefly touch on reimbursements. There has been discussion and there will continue to be discussion about a possible reimbursement if our season is altered in any way. There are so many possibilities and uncertainties about the 2020-2021 season that it is literally impossible for us to say right now what we will be doing. With this in mind, the Board will not be making any decisions or making any reimbursements until the picture is clear on the 2020-2021 season. We appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter.

Please turn all candy bar money into the rink mailbox (located by the skate rental counter) during your next visit to the rink. Any money not turned in will be billed to the skaters account.

We hope your Thanksgiving was excellent and we look forward to seeing everyone back at the rink very soon. Thank you and have a great night.


West Shore Wolves Board

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