Program Info

Offering four Divisions for Ages 6 - 14


Ages 6 - 8

Beginning to learn the game of hockey!

Cross ice Jamboree style games.

Practices twice a week,

Equipment available for rent.

Squirt League

ages 9- 10

Full ice games with penalties. REAL HOCKEY!

Learning the game of hockey at a fundamental level.

Understanding the concept of team work and communication.

Practices twice a week.

PeeWee League

Ages 11-12

Advancing hockey knowledge and growing skill level through skill progressive on and off ice drills during practices.

Advancing team work levels and growing the understanding of the game.

Practices twice a week.



Bantam League

Ages 13 - 14

Continuing to grow hockey knowledge with increasingly tougher training regiments.

Progressively harder skill based drills designed to promote creativity.

Learning to compete at a high level. ( train to win)

Practices twice a week.

All leagues take place during the Fall/Winter between September and February.

Contact Info

West Shore Wolves
3000 N. Stiles Rd.
Scottville, Mi. 49454